FMX Filmmaker Series

Last night, 2/12/18 WIFT and FMX Filmmaker Series presented

Rose Rosen, CSA who discussed the role of a casting agent in film

=== AND ===

Victoria Jorgensen who presented two her films “Tiny Bacteria” and  a special sneak preview of “Half an Hour“.

Victoria and Rose are both a part of WIFT and answers questions about the film industry in Florida.

Both sessions and the Q&A were highly informative.

The Over-the-Hill Grand Prix

A great short film (20 min)

made locally – right here in St Pete, Florida – with all local talent, including

St Pete’s own movie stars – Barbara Harrington and David Vogel

The Over-the-Hill Grand Prix

This is a Heart-Warming Comedy film about a young girl who sees how boring life is in her grandmother’s old folks home, then appoints herself as the activities director and organizes a Wheelchair race with all of her friends pushing the elderly in what turns out to be quite a competitive race with some major cheating going on. One boy’s grandfather, a sympathetic character, tells his grandson, “I don’t want to be in a race. There is zero percent chance of ever winning. I never won a thing in my whole life. Get somebody else to race with you. I don’t want to turn you into a ‘Loser’ like me.” The grandson is now all-the-more determined to race and, for the first time in his grandfather’s life, make him a “Winner.”



SSSF Presents…

Last night SSSF presented screenings of nine local independent short films at the Villagio Cinemas in Tampa, Florida.

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety and creativity of each of the nine films.

You can preview the nine films HERE.

·         #Selfie ·         The Common Chameleon ·         Behind the Woods and Across the Sea
·         This is Ed!! ·         Sweetheart ·         149th and Grand Concourse
·         Life is Short ·         Just Last Year ·         The Beach Boy


And of course, two presentations from SSSF’s own, Laugh Lines.


The producers, directors, writers and actors of several of the films were on hand for post-showing Q&A.

The prestigious SSSF Audience Choice Award was presented to Life is Short


A six minute preview of KCRS Productions new full length feature film NouveauLyndia was also presented. The independent film is KCRS’s second full length project and was filmed entirely in St Pete, Florida with local actors and crew.

KRCS will present the entire film, on showing only, on February 7th at the St Pete Sundial.

See a preview of NouveauLyndia HERE.


Nickelodeon Writing Program

The Nickelodeon Writing Program submission period is just a few days away!

It’s free to apply! And if accepted, you’ll be paid a salary while you learn!

The Nickelodeon Writing Program offers aspiring television writers from around the world the opportunity to do what they love, develop their craft, and launch their careers.

New this year, the Writing Program is offering a Preschool Track which has its own Accepted Shows List!

The Preschool track was created to develop writers specifically interested in writing and creating shows for the pre-school demographic.

The online application, accepted shows list, and submission guidelines are available at

The submission period runs from January 2 – January 31, 2018.

Meet the Stars and Filmmakers

Wed night, 12/13, I attended the SSSF screening at the St Pete Sundial.

From 7pm until 7:30, I was able to chat openly with screenwriters, actors, directors and producers.

From 7:30 until 9:30, we screened 10 short films, each about 5 to 10 minutes long.

Afterwards, the filmmakers held a Q&A to discuss their films.

This SSSF holds screenings on the second Wednesday of each month.