FMX Filmmaker Series

Last night, 2/12/18 WIFT and FMX Filmmaker Series presented

Rose Rosen, CSA who discussed the role of a casting agent in film

=== AND ===

Victoria Jorgensen who presented two her films “Tiny Bacteria” and  a special sneak preview of “Half an Hour“.

Victoria and Rose are both a part of WIFT and answers questions about the film industry in Florida.

Both sessions and the Q&A were highly informative.

Book Signing – Michelle Turman

Working Women of Tampa Bay hosted a private book signing with WWOTB member and ambassador, Michelle Turman.

She is the author of the “Jumping the Queue: Achieving Great Things Before You’re Ready”.

We got to hear Michelle’s inspiring story including her opportunity to explore the Titanic at the Lions Eye Institute.

Plus we received a signed copy of her book!

More details HERE

Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres

Last night, Tampa Writer’s Alliance hosted local literary agent

Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres

at the Barnes & Nobel, Carrollwood

Sharon spoke of the different genres of commercial fiction and what readers, hence publishers, require for each genre.

One might be surprised by the detailed formula for each genre as well as the extensive “don’t do’s” that will get your book rejected.

Sharon was delightful, answered many related questions, and really knew her subject matter.



Brothers Adam and Dave were reminiscing.

“Remember the atomic-bomb drills in the 1950’s?” asked Adam.

“We used to have to hide under our desks.”

“That really had an effect on me,” Dave said.

“To this day, I dive under the table whenever the pizza guy delivers on with mushrooms.”


A Night With Michael Connelly

The Oxford Exchange  hosted  A Night With Michael Connelly for a talk and signing with best selling author, producer, and local favorite – Michael Connelly. 

Michael spoke about his latest novel, Two Kinds of Truth



Rob showed his grandson Walt a famous photo of Betty Grable.

“Back in the 40’s, we called this a pinup girl;,” Rob said.

“You should have used tape, Grandpa,” Walt said.

“It looks like your pin let air out.”

Book Signing – Tim Dorsey

The Countryside branch of the Pinellas County Public Library System

hosted a book reading and signing by best selling local author Tim Dorsey.

Tim’s newest book, Clownfish Blues was released last week Jan 24th.

Tim is known for a series starring Serge A. Storms, a mentally disturbed vigilante antihero who rampages across Florida enforcing his own moral code against a variety of low-life criminals.



The Howdy Doody Show premiered in the 1940’s.

For those who don’t remember,

Howdy was a marionette, making him the first Hollywood star to get a job based on his connections.