THE Shapes of Stories

The US graphic designer Maya Eilam adapted Kurt Vonnegut’s theories about archetypal stories into a series of handy infographics, which can be viewed at her website. ******************* How I Love Lucy was born? We decided that instead of divorce lawyers profiting from our mistakes, we would profit from them. -Lucille Ball

Gulfport Fiction Writers

The Gulfport Fiction Writers met yesterday at 10a.m. Several writers read and many suggestions were offered.   *********** The ’50s had the best cars ever. My goldfish used to look out the window and get fin envy.

FMX Filmmaker Series

Last night, 2/12/18 WIFT and FMX Filmmaker Series presented Rose Rosen, CSA who discussed the role of a casting agent in film === AND === Victoria Jorgensen who presented two her films “Tiny Bacteria” and  a special sneak preview of “Half an Hour“. Victoria and Rose are both a part of WIFT and answers questions […]

ASACP – Actors,Screenwriters And Crew Productions…

ASACP (Actors,Screenwriters And Crew Productions) met last night for table reads of four screenplays. Barbara Harrington – QUEEN OF THE DECK  Judy Prantl       – THE WAITING ROOM Troy Legette – NEIGHBORS And my own screenplay – “I Need To Die“ We also celebrates Barbara’s birthday with cake and festivities.  

Self-Publishing 101 – How much does it cost to self-publish?

The Guardian has culled together a step-by-step list of tasks and costs on the road to Self-Publishing The article is of immense help to any writer aspiring to self-publish. Read the full article HERE. **************** The 50’s were a time when Elvis was alive, but some people thought he was dead. Instead of the other […]

Book Signing – Michelle Turman

Working Women of Tampa Bay hosted a private book signing with WWOTB member and ambassador, Michelle Turman. She is the author of the “Jumping the Queue: Achieving Great Things Before You’re Ready”. We got to hear Michelle’s inspiring story including her opportunity to explore the Titanic at the Lions Eye Institute. Plus we received a […]

ONE ACT PLAYS FESTIVAL – Invitation to Submit One-Act Plays

Tarpon Arts is pleased to extend an invitation to playwrights to submit one-act plays until April 8th, 2018. Performances will be July 19th thru July 22nd and will be performed at the Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center. A playwright may submit up to 3 scripts for consideration. 10 Selected Plays will be Performed.  Tarpon Arts is […]

Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres

Last night, Tampa Writer’s Alliance hosted local literary agent Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres at the Barnes & Nobel, Carrollwood Sharon spoke of the different genres of commercial fiction and what readers, hence publishers, require for each genre. One might be surprised by the detailed formula for each genre as well as the extensive “don’t do’s” […]

Gulfport Fiction Writers

The Gulfport Fiction Writers met this morning at 10a.m. Several writers read and many suggestions were offered. *************** The first Emmy Awards were presented in 1949. The first year set the pattern for every year that would follow: The show ran long and Susan Lucci lost.