Writers Discussing Writing

All, I enjoyed thoroughly our meeting on Sunday, 10/1/17 at the Gulfport Historic. See post here. In addition to a more social environ that the Wed meetings, I think we all enjoyed sharing what little info we had on the topic of “Gittin’ Published”   We left the meeting without an agenda and I believe […]

Rules for Good Writing

Below is a list of Rules for Good Writing that I have culled from several websites. Your input is crucial. Kindly enter a ‘comment’ to this post first showing those you agree with, those you strongly disagree with, and then any opinions you have. For example: AGREE:1,3,5,7,9 DISAGREE 2,4,6,8,10 #6. Seven or eight exclamation points […]

The search for a Content Editor begins

The final line edits are complete, and today we begin the search for a content #Editor. Line edits, also called Copy Editing, checks line-by-line for grammer, tiepos, speeling  an d punchewation. A copy edit looks at the entire story and finds plot holes, flow problems, and missing info. A good copy edit might also suggest […]

Writers in Paradise

I just filled in my application to Writers In Paradise. The 25 pages and 25 dollars was easy, but they only accept 12 writers per session. Cross your fingers.

Honoring Officer Charleston Hartfield

…when the first spray of bullets rained down on the festival from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Sunday night, Hartfield “immediately took action to save lives,” .. A true American hero.

Lucky Day

I’ve never been to a casino before, but I was in Tampa and had a few hours to kill so I stopped in at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. I was amazed at the enormous size of the facility, with several different casinos, restaurants and gift shops. After perusing the various games, I noticed a […]

An Agent Speaks About Her Literary Agency

Wed, October 4th, 2017  The Tampa Writer’s Alliance generously hosted…. An Agent Speaks About Her Literary Agency… Four Speakers … Three Subjects             Although the name was a bit misleading, it was a very informative event presented to a packed house. As advertised, Sharon Belcastro did speak about her agency, the Belcastro Agency based in […]

Writers Discussing Writing

Members of the Gulfport Writers Group met today for the first time to discuss the myriad of options for publication, from self-publishing to traditional publishing house. We discussed the costs and benefits of self-publishing and the challenges of finding an agent willing to represent new writers. This was a first meeting, and merely setting the […]

Vegas Massacre

Shock, horror, disbelief. Such random insanity. We want to know why, so we can convince ourselves it won’t happen to us. So we can sleep at night.