Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres

Last night, Tampa Writer’s Alliance hosted local literary agent

Sharon Belcastro: Specific Tropes of Different Genres

at the Barnes & Nobel, Carrollwood

Sharon spoke of the different genres of commercial fiction and what readers, hence publishers, require for each genre.

One might be surprised by the detailed formula for each genre as well as the extensive “don’t do’s” that will get your book rejected.

Sharon was delightful, answered many related questions, and really knew her subject matter.



Brothers Adam and Dave were reminiscing.

“Remember the atomic-bomb drills in the 1950’s?” asked Adam.

“We used to have to hide under our desks.”

“That really had an effect on me,” Dave said.

“To this day, I dive under the table whenever the pizza guy delivers on with mushrooms.”