Day 4 of Writers in Paradise

Day 4 of the 2018 Writers in Paradise conference at Eckerd College in beautiful St Petersburg, Florida.

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The faculty and guests met in their respective classrooms for the second in the series of focused workshops intended to improve the skills of all participants.



Tim Dorsey gave a very personal talk on the craft of writing humor, including Q&A.


After a break, PoetryIdol was held, where three ‘judges’ played ‘editors advocate’.

A volunteer read the first page of each poem submitted.

If the ‘editors’ had a substantial issue with the page being read, a hand was raised.

If two out of three had raised hands, the page was rejected and explanations for the rejections provided.


The Writers in Paradise “Participant and Faculty Dinner” Gala was held in Fox Hall.

Wine & Cheese reception was offered followed by Evening Readings from Sterling Watson, Helen Wallace, Major Jackson.