A More Inclusive Holiday than Christmas

I have been invited to many holiday parties. Celebrations of the season.

In an effort to be all inclusive, there were symbols of many different religions.

Christmas tree, Santa and elves, Kwanzaa candles and menorah, a crescent moon for Ramadan, and several Native American symbols that were beyond my ken.

So that everyone could feel included in the celebration.

But Christmas is all inclusive, Christmas excludes no one.

Believer or non believer, all are welcome.

Whatever religion you have chosen, come, add Christmas to your list.

You don’t have to convert, change, or even believe.

Just celebrate Christmas for Christmas’ sake.

And even if you refuse, if you boycott Christmas for years, if speak ill of those who celebrate, chastise those who put reindeer on the roof.

Even if you’ve invented your own holiday, Festivus, in protest of commercialism.

Even you are welcomed back.

Just this once, let go of the reasons, excuses and complaints.

Come,  join us, even if it’s just for today.

Celebrate Christmas.