Book Signing – William Valentine’s “Cuban Charade”

Yesterday, Haslam Books hosted a book signing by author William Valentine and his latest novel Cuban Charade.

“Seth Stone and the ‘Geezers’ spring into action when an old fishing buddy is wrongly imprisoned in Cuba. They cut short a sail fishing trip in Key West and slip into Cuba using their own boats and ingenuity to try and right that wrong. Old friends in high places supply off the record Intel and weapons to these resourceful old codgers. Cuban Charade provides a rare look behind the facade of “Old Havana” and the Hemingway mystique and bares the harsh realities of communist Cuba. The author’s wry wit and the non-stop, multiple plot action makes this novel hard to put down. Great fiction and faction by an author that has been there.”


Bill is the independently published author of Salt Creek Justice, Caicos Conspiracy and Costa Rican Reprise. Bill is retired dock master and an avid boater having many adventures sailing the Caribbean.