Eva by Sebastian Roberts


Eva, the latest novel by independent author Sebastian Roberts, is a 200 page fast read you won’t put down.

I devoured the novel in a weekend and was left hungry for more.

Fleeing Castro’s Cuba in 1960 by sea, Eva loses her husband to coyotes, is raped and set adrift without food or water. Yet somehow, she finds the strength to go on in this wonderful new world call America.

Full of twists and unexpected turns, Eva is one of Sebastian Roberts’ finest offerings.

“Eva Fernandez swims to shore, and collapses. When she awakens, she finds herself stranded on a beach in south Texas – alone in a foreign land with nothing.

In 1960, Fidel Castro celebrates his victory over President Batista. Not everyone is happy with the outcome. Eva and Franco Fernandez make the dangerous choice of escaping to the north: to the United States. The trip does not go well and the two are separated, neither, for a time, knowing if the other is alive.

Eva bears the worst of it.”

CAUTION: This novel contains material unsuitable for Atheists, children and some adults.

Read chapter one HERE.