Social Media for Writers

Social Media for Dummies Writers

The simple fact is, if you want people to read your work, then they have to know it exists.

Whether you choose traditional publishing, self publishing, or something in between, a social media presence is critical to letting the world know that you have something to offer.

If you self-publish, you need to get the word out on your own.

Traditional publishing agents will Google you first to see if you have a social media following before accepting you as a client.

Once you have a following, your fans will want to know about your next manuscript.

But don’t despair, it’s not that hard.



Decide what social media outlets/platforms you want to attack.

The more sites, the better.

And once you set up your blog, the others can usually feed from it, so the extra work is minimal.


You need…

  • A website (your home page)
  • A blog (a place where you post your thoughts and useful info, like this)

And one or more of the following…


YouTube is VIDEO based.

You upload videos from your computer. Making videos is a LOT of work.


InstaGram, Pinterest, SnapChat and Flickr are PHOTO based.

You send a picture from your  SMART PHONE.

They’re not what we’re after unless you’re publishing a book of photos.


Others are Gab, VK, WeChat, Reddit,  WhatsApp, Weibo, and Wikia


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