Try being a “Morning Person”

Research shows that morning versus evening types show a classic left-brain versus right-brain division.

Numerous studies have found that morning people are more persistent, self-directed and agreeable. They set higher goals for themselves, plan for the future more and have a better sense of well-being. And compared to night owls, they’re less likely to be depressed, drink or smoke.

Although morning types may achieve more academically, night owls tend to perform better on measures of memory, processing speed and cognitive ability, even when they have to perform those tasks in the morning. Night-time people are also more open to new experiences and seek them out more. They may be more creative (although not always). And contrary to the maxim (‘healthy, wealthy and wise’), one study showed that night owls are as healthy and wise as morning types – and a little bit wealthier.

The article has much more of note to check on, read the full article HERE.
AND today on NPR there was a lengthy podcast called THE HIDDEN BRAIN that was a trove of important news about sleep.

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