Rife with Self-Pity, Self-Doubt and Self-Loathing

Yester eve, I attended the American Stage Theatre Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” A wildly entertaining performance of an amazing script. The acting was stupendous, but the writing… the wit… the nuances… the subtle entendres… I am speechless.

I sit here ready to rend my manuscript. How dare I brag my pitifully crafted tale in the shadow of The Great Bard? By my trove, I have been de-notched and de-pegged and de-flated.

I fear there is only one answer to my new found self-disgust. One solution to my despair. Although I loathe to consider the option, I must. I will. Tonight, I shall force myself to watch a Jean-Claude Van Damm movie.

3 thoughts on “Rife with Self-Pity, Self-Doubt and Self-Loathing

  • Ugh…what self-torture shall you incur….
    Instead of watching a JCVD movie, write one. It’d be much more entertaining and productive.

  • http://ChrisGudmann

    There’s nothing like reading “real writing” to make us beginners fall heir to self doubt. But, from doubt might spring great strength to leap that higher bar and best it! No?

  • Could there then be no other turn than to lay down the pen for the sword?
    I jest. 😉 Thanks for your post re The Bard.

    I miss Wednesdays, but alas, will be adrift from that precious perch until December. I will, however, be swanning around the St Pete Reads Festival at some point tomorrow. Perchance to see you there – otherwise, have a good holiday!
    – T

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