A Different Take on Word-Counts

“Audible, the Amazon-owned audiobook retailer and producer. is now letting readers of [romance novels] get right to the action with a “Take Me To The Good Part” feature. It’s part of a new Audible Romance package, which is designed to let connoisseurs dig deep into the massively popular genre.”


So, if readers are only interested in the ‘gooey details’, why should we authors spend countless hours painting background, developing character arcs, fact and consistency checking? Why do we struggle to reach eighty thousand words? Perhaps we should simply write four or five love scenes and call it a novel.


It seems that not only has novel readership declined since the turn of the century, but millennials want their books on audio, so they don’t have to suffer through the tremendous nightmare of the written word. Heaven forbid they be forced to turn a page. They might have to call Morgan & Morgan if they received a paper cut.


WARNING: The Sturgeon General has determined that paper cuts may lead to S.E.T. (severe emotional trauma.)


And not only are they listening to someone else read for them (mommy, read me a bedtime story), but they want to skip to the good stuff (No, not the part about the porridge. Skip to the part where the bears find Goldilocks in bed). ♫ Blonde-Chica-Brown-Bear


Here are several articles praising this loathsome new feature.