Writers Discussing Writing


I enjoyed thoroughly our meeting on Sunday, 10/1/17 at the Gulfport Historic. See post here.

In addition to a more social environ that the Wed meetings, I think we all enjoyed sharing what little info we had on the topic of “Gittin’ Published”


We left the meeting without an agenda and I believe it was too good to let die.

I would like to propose the following….

1.       A 2nd meeting to discuss.

a.       Any additional information on publishing.

b.      Anyone who has self-published who might speak to the group.

c.       Anyone who has been traditionally published who might speak.

d.      A local publisher, agent or editor who might speak.

e.      The ‘Rules for Good Writing’ I posted yesterday.

f.        The idea of bringing in a speaker (published author, college prof, etc) and holding our own writer’s conference

g.       Any other topic you might feel is appropriate.

2.       An actual Meetup group to entice writers from outside Gulfport.

3.       The name “Writers Discussing Writing” for our meetup group.

4.       A location a bit further North, perhaps Tyrone area, to attract writers from outside of Gulfport.

5.       Actually inviting writers from outside Gulfport.

6.       Perhaps an environ where we can share a toast (VFW? AmerLegion? ElksClub?) or three.

7.       And, of course, a ‘purpose’ and ‘guidelines’ for said group to keep us on task.


Please send me feedback on the main topics (1-4) and we’ll get into the details of the subtopics (a-f) at the meeting.

I’d like to collate all responses this weekend, so try to reply by Friday.

I will accept any suggestions, including ‘go jump in a lake, newbee’ and ‘remove me from this spam list’.

I realize that I am new to the Gulfport Writer’s group, and writing, possibly the newest on this distrib list.

I in no way intend to take the reins from anyone who wishes to run with this. Anyone? Anyone at all? Pretty please.