Writers Discussing Writing

Members of the Gulfport Writers Group met today for the first time to discuss the myriad of options for publication, from self-publishing to traditional publishing house.

We discussed the costs and benefits of self-publishing and the challenges of finding an agent willing to represent new writers.

This was a first meeting, and merely setting the stage and direction for future meetings.

2 thoughts on “Writers Discussing Writing

  • After our time together I strolled down to the bookstore, 321 Books and got to chatting with the owner. He is willing to let me sell the rest of my children’s book in November and will set it up as a book signing. He said he doesn’t take any cut.
    So I will give updates as time progresses
    I’m very excited!!!!!

    He said he welcomes all authors to do the same!!!

  • […] I enjoyed thoroughly our meeting on Sunday, 10/1/17 at the Gulfport Historic. See post here. […]

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